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  • We have facilities and expertise to deal with minor accidents or emergencies

  • We aim to never turn our patients away in an emergency situation. If you feel you or a family member require urgent medical attention, please come to the medical centre immediately. This could include chest pain, shortness of breath, burns, cuts, allergic reactions, etc. It is helpful if someone is able to phone us ahead of time to let us know of your situation so we can prepare for your arrival

  • There is a surcharge for the first ACC consultation.  The charge is $20.00 for over 18 year olds during business hours.  The cost is slightly higher for an after hours consultation.

  • Follow up ACC consultations for adult patients will incur a fee of $15.00

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  • Plasters/Casts can be applied to simple fractures

  • Crutches may be hired from the medical centre. 

  • Moon Boots $10.00 (non ACC $50) 

  • Wrist Splints $10.00 (non ACC $30) 

  • Waterproof Cast $20.00 

  • Crutches Hire $40.00

Call and schedule an appointment with a member of our medical staff today and see what they can do for you!

Accident and Emergency: Our Services
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