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Available through the Patient Portal

  • Repeat prescriptions may be ordered through the nurse - please choose "Nurse" telephone option or via email - 

  • You may also request repeat prescriptions directly to your GP through the Patient Portal

  • In general, it is desirable that the patient be seen every six months but this is at the discretion of the GP.

  • Provide exact details and dose of your medication when asking for a repeat prescription.  You can do this by reading from the medication packaging or pharmacy printout over the phone, or bringing either of these into the medical centre.

  • The GP will review the request and provide the prescription, and may leave a message as well.

  • Please allow a 24 hour turnaround for the prescription to be created.

  • A fee will apply for prescription requests.  Urgent prescription requests incur an extra charge.  There is a $2 fee for faxing of prescriptions.

Prescription Requests: Welcome
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